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Politics, Priorities, and American Defense Spending

Recorded on September 9, 2008

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Allison Auditorium

For the past two years, The Heritage Foundation has sought to make the case that America's global responsibilities call for an adequate defense budget to train, equip, and modernize an all-volunteer force capable of meeting the full range of both conventional and unconventional missions.  To accomplish this, Heritage believes that the Congress must make a commitment to funding the core defense budget at 4 percent of America's GDP for the next several years to prevent a reoccurrence of the "hollow force" and meet the military's immediate modernization needs.  Is this a practical way to ensure that America's military is fully funded?  Are America's current military priorities defined too broadly?  Join us as our panelists discuss America's national interests and debate the appropriate level of defense spending required to ensure those interests can be secured.