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Not Patently Obvious: An Innovator's Perspective on Patent Reform

Recorded on March 22, 2007

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

High on Congress' technology agenda this year is reform of the nation's patent system.  Critics say the current system has been abused, with too many questionable patents being granted, blocking new technologies and services.  Legislation to make it easier to challenge patents and limit damages for violations is expected to soon be introduced.

Some innovators, however, think the reforms may go too far, threatening inventor's property rights in their inventions.  Among these are Dr. Irwin Jacobs.  Starting out as an assistant professor of electrical engineering, Dr. Jacobs pioneered many of the key technologies behind the cell phone revolution of the past two decades.  He went on to found QUALCOMM, Inc., which is now a world leader in wireless semiconductors and software and one of the largest firms in America.  

As one of the world's leading innovators and most successful entrepreneurs, Dr. Jacobs brings a unique perspective to the debate over patent reform.  We hope you can join us on March 22 as he discusses his views on this critical topic.