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Liberty's Best Hope: American Leadership for the 21st Century

Recorded on March 4, 2008

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Allison Auditorium

In his new book, Liberty's Best Hope: American Leadership for the 21st Century, former Assistant Secretary of State Kim R. Holmes of The Heritage Foundation challenges those who say that America's leadership star has crested, and who argue that the only way to restore its image and influence in the world is to accept defeat in Iraq, defer more often to the United Nations, and hold international conferences with rogue states that threaten peace and stability.  Dr. Holmes challenges these assumptions in an analysis that Lady Margaret Thatcher has called "insightful, and on some occasions … uncomfortable," while providing "a sharp and informed blueprint to guide future decision-makers." 

Please join us as Dr. Kim Holmes makes the case that America remains "liberty's best hope" in the world and explains what we must do to reclaim the stature it held at the end of World War II and the Cold War.  Following his remarks, Professor Henry Nau of George Washington University and Dr. Dov Zakheim, a former senior Defense Department official in the Reagan Administration, will add their insights on the critical need for full-throated American leadership in the 21st Century.

Copies of Liberty's Best Hope will be available for purchase and to be signed by the author.