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Is Freedom for Everyone?

Recorded on June 15, 2006

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Allison Auditorium

More than any president in modern times, President Bush has made the promotion of freedom a pillar of U.S. foreign policy. It is no surprise that this agenda has raised the ire of tyrants and demagogues around the world. What is surprising is that it has also set off a hot debate in the United States and Europe over whether freedom is a realistic goal for all people, especially in hotbeds of intolerance like the Middle East.

Join us as Natan Sharansky - an outspoken advocate of human rights and freedom who is an author, an Israeli member of Knesset, a winner of the Congressional Gold Medal, and a former Soviet dissident who recently called George W. Bush "the Dissident President" - examines the necessity of freedom, the bedrock of peaceful, prosperous and democratic societies.