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How Ronald Reagan Changed My Life

Recorded on October 30, 2003

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This event is a reschedule from September 18, 2003

The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

Peter Robinson's complex and graceful portrait is based on his own journals from the days he served in the White House, but it also relies heavily on dozens of interviews of people who worked with Reagan throughout his careers in politics and show business. Characters as rich and diverse as Charlton Heston and Lyn Nofziger weigh in on who Reagan was to them and why he rose to such success. Additionally, Robinson gets unprecedented input from both of Reagan's sons, Ron, Jr. and Michael. However, in spite of this colorful cast of characters, it is Robinson's own perspective that proves the most salient and insightful. In HOW RONALD REAGAN CHANGED MY LIFE, readers get a glimpse into the mind of a rare man - one who is a worthy of being called a mentor and a hero. The book is nothing less than a love story - an account of the profound respect and affection that one young man came to feel for the President who changed his life forever.

"Ronald Reagan's speeches were among the West's most powerful weapons. They raised American hearts and encouraged millions behind the Iron Curtain that freedom was their birthright. Peter Robinson helped President Reagan with those speeches - and in HOW RONALD REAGAN CHANGED MY LIFE he shares with us the wealth of insights he gained into this great man's character." - Margaret Thatcher