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Health Care at the Crossroads: What Constitutes Fair and Equal?

Recorded on September 6, 2007

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

National polls show that health care remains a top priority and concern of Americans.  With health care costs increasing and the retirement of one of our largest generations imminent, we face a major crossroads for this important issue.  Do we take the path advocated by some and start to force all citizens - even those enjoying private care - into substandard universal government run coverage?  Or, do we take a more dynamic approach that provides alternatives and choices for an informed public?  Furthermore, how do we continue to approach the volatile issue of federal incentives and disincentives to health care - namely the tax treatment in law?  Join us for a discussion of these questions as well as opportunities in current legislation - such as SCHIP - to formulate and advance a real health care reform agenda.