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Global Energy Security in the Time of World Terror

Recorded on November 19, 2004

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

Energy security issues have generated severe concerns in Washington, including: the acute threat posed by radical Islamic jihadists to global energy supply and production; the latest increases in demand in the developing world, including China, which drive up global energy prices; and the concerns about political stability and governance of major energy producing nations around the world.

With oil prices at historic highs in absolute dollar terms, it is becoming apparent that the situation is deteriorating. To regain the degree of energy stability the West once enjoyed, it is clear that the next U.S. Administration and its allies must develop a strategy and take action. Though many would prefer to believe that the answers to the questions we face are as simple as physical infrastructure security and conservation, the reality is disturbingly more complex and needs comprehensive policy answers without delay.

Join us as our distinguished panel of experts reviews these and other problems facing Global Energy Security in the time of World Terror.