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Entrepreneurship and Civil Society in Iraq at Work Amidst the War

Recorded on April 26, 2006

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

Private enterprise is at the heart of any strong economy. Even in Iraq, amidst war and uncertainty, ordinary Iraqis strive to do business every day, support their families, and dream about a better future. One of the key players in Iraq's reconstruct and development of a civil society is private non-profit associations. Their prevalence will help strengthen democracy and the institutions that Iraqis' need to foster prosperity. What do business people do to keep participating in the economy in such an uncertain environment? How is the Iraqi civil society interacting with Iraqi policymakers? How do they see their country evolving? What are foreign institutions doing to help in this process?

The Heritage Foundation is privileged to host our distinguished guests who will provide insights into the struggle of the private sector to move forward in a country at war and in the process of building its democracy.