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Dialogue, not Monologue: International Educational Exchange and Public Diplomacy

Recorded on November 16, 2005

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

Today the contributions of international education and exchange to the national interest are virtually unquestioned. High-level government officials frequently cite exchanges as one of the most effective ways of winning friends in an increasingly volatile and unpredictable world. Yet the United States lacks an effective policy for utilizing this indispensable tool. In this policy vacuum, increasing numbers of foreign students and researchers are pursuing their educations and careers elsewhere, only a minuscule percentage of American college students ever study abroad or graduate with familiarity with a foreign language or region, and numerous barriers impede the exchange experience. Robust international educational and cultural exchanges must be a central part of a successful public diplomacy strategy.
Join us as four experts examine this critical issue for U.S. leadership, competitiveness, and security.