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Constitution Day Forum:

Recorded on September 16, 2002

The horrible events that occurred last September 11, and the year since, remind us of an important lesson: that the patriotism of any one moment must become an informed and long-lasting commitment to America's principles and purposes. Yet study after study show that we are not teaching the next generation these ideas. Over half of high school seniors failed to demonstrate even a basic knowledge of American history in the latest National Assessment of Educational Progress exam. Is it any surprise that a recent poll found that over two-thirds of college students do not believe that American values are any better than those of other nations, and that more than half believe that United States policies are "at least somewhat responsible" for the September 11 terrorist attacks? What can be done to correct this problem? What is the long-term effect of such civic illiteracy on our liberty and constitutional government? Please join us as we celebrate Constitution Day.