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Bringing Justice to the People: The Story of the Freedom-Based Public Interest Law Movement

Recorded on October 14, 2004

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Allison Auditorium

The most disturbing development in American law in modern times has been the transformation of the U.S. Supreme Court from judicial arbiter into avid policymaker.  The Court has (mis) interpreted the Constitution to require governmental hostility to religion and religious practices - rather than neutrality, to impose radical pro-abortion agenda without exception, to undermine critical property rights, to expand the power of the federal Leviathan at the expense of individual rights, to infringe political speech while protecting pornography, and to allow guilty criminals unnecessarily to go free.

But thirty years ago the freedom-based public interest law movement set out to restore the original meaning of the Constitution, oppose judicial activism, and challenge the radical agenda of liberal litigators.  Their heroic efforts have helped change the legal culture in America and win important legal victories in such critical areas as school choice, property rights, religious freedom, freedom of speech, and workers' rights.  This exciting and never-before-told story is chronicled in Bringing Justice to the People, edited by Lee Edwards with a special foreword by Ed Meese and featuring the contributions of nine leading legal experts and scholars who are modern-day Sons of Liberty.