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Ancient Nubia: The Next Target for Annihilation in Sudan

Recorded on June 11, 2008

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

The ancient civilization of Nubia, its unexcavated historical treasures and monuments, including pyramids and art from the time of the Pharaohs, and artifacts of the ancient Christian and Jewish communities of Kush are threatened with extinction by dams built by the National Islamic Front regime in Khartoum.  The Nubians of modern-day Sudan have striven to preserve this culture, just as they have preserved by oral tradition their own Nubian language when forced by Khartoum to speak Arabic.  Now these treasures of an ancient civilization are in danger of being lost forever as Khartoum pursues its agenda of eliminating the African culture and Christian and Jewish heritage of Nubia by flooding the entire region.

Henry Aubin's book, The Rescue of Jerusalem - highlighted in the February 2008 issue of National Geographic ("Black Pharaohs: Conquerors of Ancient Egypt" by Robert Draper) - tells how Taharqa, the Nubian Pharaoh of Egypt's 25th dynasty came to the aid of Hezekiah, King of Judah, by waging war and defeating Sennecharib, King of Assyria.  Mr. Aubin will address this little-know period of Israel and Egypt's history, Nubia's ancient Christian and Jewish heritage (going back to the time of Queen Candace) as well as today's threatened eradication of the Nubian civilization and culture posed by the radical Islamist regime in Khartoum.