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After the Train Wreck: The Ramifications of the Cyprus Referendum

Recorded on May 5, 2004

Location: The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

On April 24th the United Nation's Cyprus re-unification plan, overwhelmingly approved by Turkish Cypriots, was resoundedly rejected by their Greek counterparts. The result of the split vote is the death of a plan that would have brought an end to 30 years of partition on the island and avoided the dilemma now facing the European Union. Despite their "no" vote on the referendum, Greek Cypriots will enter the EU, while their Turkish counterparts will be left out in the cold. The fallout from the referendum begs a number of questions: Will the international community, including the United States, take steps to effectively end the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus' diplomatic, political, and economic isolation as a reward for its support for the Annan Plan? Will the Greek Cypriot side face isolation from Brussels even as it joins the EU? Can any form of the plan be resurrected? Please join us as our distinguished panel examines these issues.