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Big Welfare is Back, Obama-Style

Recorded on July 13, 2012

From The Heritage Foundation, I'm Ernest Istook.

Ever since federal welfare was reformed back in 1996, the left has pushed to build it back up. A new directive by the Obama Administration may mean that welfare is back, and bigger than ever.

This new directive says that work requirements for those who get assistance can be waived. Recipients no longer would have to look for work or train for work. Yet work requirements were the very heart of welfare reform. The law says work cannot be waived, but Obama bureaucrats claim they've found a loophole.

Already public assistance spending has crept back to over $900-billion a year. Who knows how much farther it might climb now.

It's another example of how the Obama White House claims normal laws don't apply to them—and they're pushing an extreme makeover on America in the process.

From The Heritage Foundation, I'm Ernest Istook.