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Our Often-Ignored Constitution

Recorded on April 19, 2012

From The Heritage Foundation, I'm Ernest Istook.

In America, is there any limit on what government can do?

Can Congress and the President enact whatever laws they wish? Are they restricted only by the fear that voters will throw them out if they go too far?

That's not our system. Even if the voters want something, our federal government is limited by the U.S. Constitution. And states must stay within the bounds of their state constitutions.

Otherwise, once people got into power, they could change the laws to give themselves unlimited power. They could even cancel our right to vote them out.

Our Constitution places limits on government, plus it guarantees us our rights. Our Founding Fathers wrote that our true rights actually come from God, not from government.

To govern ourselves, we need to understand that Constitution--and now there's a special website to help you: constitutiononline.com

It's from The Heritage Foundation, and I'm Ernest Istook.