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Light Bulb Burn-Out

Recorded on February 29, 2012

From The Heritage Foundation, I'm Ernest Istook.

I bought some light bulbs the other day.


The old-style—that the federal government is phasing out--were 25-cents each; the new compact fluorescent bulbs were $7.23 each. The package claimed that in one year I would save enough electricity to make up the difference. And I'd save $47 after the new one lasted 6 years.


But I bought the good old incandescent bulbs, because I've never had one of the new ones last more than about 6 months. Then I lose money because the new kind costs 28 times more to buy.


I don't keep records or receipts on every light bulb—Who does? So I can't get my money back.


You shouldn't have to be rich to pay 28 times extra for a light bulb—but beware, now the light bulb makers are asking the United Nations for a worldwide ban on the old kind.


From The Heritage Foundation, I'm Ernest Istook