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RG3's Heisman

Recorded on February 12, 2012

From The Heritage Foundation, I'm Ernest Istook.

Too often the sports news is about legal troubles, fights, or drug problems.

So this year's Heisman Trophy award was a breath of fresh air.

Part of it was the Cinderella story of how Robert Griffin III captured the national imagination with his incredible season, overcoming pre-season favorites who also performed well. Especially because I'm a Baylor grad I was exuberant, and because I'd seen RG3's sensational play. But also his academic excellence and civic service showed what Griffin is made of.

But the Heisman was also noteworthy because the runners-up conducted themselves admirably despite their disappointment. Stanford's Andrew Luck, in particular, came in second for two years straight, but handled himself with true class.

Because too much sports news is full of acrimony and scandal, RG3's getting the Heisman was a great example of how underdogs can still succeed in America.

From The Heritage Foundation, I'm Ernest Istook.