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Continuing Drama

Recorded on April 11, 2011

It's time for common sense; I'm Ernest Istook.

After a so-called government shutdown was narrowly averted, don't expect Washington to calm down.

That $38-billion spending reduction is tiny compared to our $1.6-trillion annual deficit. That's why conservatives are dissatisfied, even as liberals claim the spending cuts are disastrous.

So imagine their hollering about a vote this week to reduce spending by $9-trillion over the next ten years. That's only a budget blueprint, not an actual change in the law. But it sets up a fight in a few weeks about raising the government's borrowing limit. Big spenders say we've no choice except to borrow the money to pay off the debts they rang up. Many new conservatives in Congress, though, say they won't be parties to making our debts even worse.

The spending battles in Washington are not over; instead, they're just beginning.

For common sense, from The Heritage Foundation, I'm Ernest Istook.