Senator Jim DeMint
George F. Will, Syndicated columnist Four decades ago, conservatives, lacking significant support in academia, began to build an alternative intellectual infrastructure. Ed Feulner, founding father of the Heritage Foundation, showed the way, and Lee Edwards' fine biography shows how he did it.
Senator Jim DeMint
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) In Leading the Way, Lee Edwards pays tribute to intellectual entrepreneur Ed Feulner and the indispensable Heritage Foundation, the central players in America's rebirth of the 1980s. I hope this book helps inspire a new generation of conservatives to recover the enduring promise of America's greatness in the coming years.
Senator Jim DeMint
Cal Thomas, Syndicated columnist & Fox News commentator Many come to Washington to make a difference. Few have had the same monumental impact as Ed Feulner. Biographer Lee Edwards captures brilliantly the exceptional role that Feulner and The Heritage Foundation have played and continue to play in the conservative movement and American politics.

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