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Occasional research on the topic Taxmageddon is listed below.

Interactive Map: Tax Increases by State & District

Based on figures from CBO, this interactive map reveals the tax increases people will face in every state and Congressional District unless Taxmageddon is stopped. Explore the Map Now >>.

Report: Tax Increases by State and Congressional District

See how Taxmageddon affects households in every state and district <br />Print and Share the Report >>.

Infographic: How Will Taxmageddon Impact You?

We’ve crunched the numbers to see how average Americans nationwide will be hurt by Taxmageddon <br />View and Use the Infographic Now >>.

A One-Page Explanation: Understanding Taxmageddon

The key facts needed to understand the coming wave of tax hikes <br />Print and Share the Factsheet >>.

What is the Fiscal Cliff?

The Fiscal Cliff consists of tax increases, steep defense cuts, the "Doc Fix," and extended unemployment benefits. If no action is taken, a massive slate of tax hikes and spending cuts will take effect in January 2013. Read More.

Taxmageddon is a one-year $494 billion tax increase slated to strike the economy on January 1, 2013. Taxmageddon is made up of several expiring tax policies and the beginning of some major tax increases from Obamacare.


Experts on Taxmageddon