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Poverty and Inequality

Housing and Homelessness

Occasional research on the topic Housing and Homelessness is listed below.

Millennial Housing Commission: A Dissent

To improve affordability, we must increase family incomes and reduce government policies. The Millennial Housing Commission report proposes expanding housing programs, but ignores the underlying factors that create housing problems. Read More.

Housing Policy and Welfare Reform

Government housing programs should be restructured according to the current principles of welfare reform. First, able-bodied recipients should be required to be fully employed or to undertake activities leading to employment. Second, healthy marriage should be encouraged not penalized. Read More.

Today, the federal government operates approximately 10 programs to provide housing assistance to the poor. Decades of increased spending on housing programs, as well as on dozens of other federal welfare programs, has failed to effectively help the poor. Welfare programs should promote personal responsibility and work to truly assist those in need.


Experts on Housing and Homelessness