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Occasional research on the topic Jobs is listed below.

Delayed Recovery Historically Slow

Congress must remove artificial barriers to entrepreneurship and job creation, so that Americans will not have to suffer through high unemployment for years to come Read More.

Obamacare Will Harm Job Prospects for Less Skilled

President Obama’s health care law requires employers to offer health benefits to full-time employees. This employer mandate will price many unskilled workers out of full-time employment. Read More.

Right to Work Increases Jobs and Choices

Union contracts frequently require employees to pay union dues or lose their jobs. This forces workers to support the union financially even if the union contract harms them or they oppose the union’s agenda. Read More.

Allowing the Unemployed to Sue Would Destroy Jobs

With a high unemployment rate and a struggling economy, passing legislation that discourages job creation would seem counterintuitive. Read More.