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Smart Growth

Occasional research on the topic Smart Growth is listed below.

Agenda 21 Should not Divert

Attention towards Agenda 21 should not divert work from preventing homegrown smart-growth policies that undermine the quality of life, personal choice, and property rights local, state, and federal governments. Read More.

President Discourages Homeownership

Efforts by the government to promote homeownership were at best ineffective and at worst contributed to a serious recession. There are those in the Obama Administration who see this as a reason to abandon encouraging homeownership. Read More.

Smart Growth and Livability Intensify Pollution

The EPA wants to implement stronger air pollution restrictions on ozone for improving public health.These regulations impose significant costs for little or no benefit. Read More.

Public officials and urban planners implement smart growth policies to reduce car usage and air pollution by creating dense urban environments. These policies actually worsen traffic congestion and air pollution. They also drive housing prices and costs of living higher.


Experts on Smart Growth