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Energy Prices

Occasional research on the topic Energy Prices is listed below.

High Gas Prices: Obama's Half-Truths vs. Reality

Almost 70 percent of the price of gasoline comes from the price of crude oil, with excise taxes, refining costs, and retail/distribution making up the other 30 percent. Read More.

Three Policy Changes to Help with Gasoline Prices

Must it always be opposite day in Washington? Petroleum and gasoline prices are surging while the Obama Administration and its allies seem intent on making things worse. Read More.

The Economic Impact of an Offshore Drilling Ban

Responding to the BP oil leak, President Obama instituted a moratorium on deepwater (over 500 feet) drilling. Though a judge ruled against the moratorium, drilling has not restarted. Read More.

Whether through direct subsidies, regulation, or some other means, federal government interventions into energy markets result in less competition, less innovation, and ultimately higher energy prices. Rather than choosing winners and losers, energy policies should promote competition in an open market built on forces of supply and demand.


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