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Fiscal Cliff

Occasional research on the topic Fiscal Cliff is listed below.

Six Bipartisan Reforms to Solve the Real Crisis

All of Washington's top leaders – including President Obama – have promised to get serious about entitlement reform... Now is the time to follow through. Read More.

How Congress Can Avoid the Fiscal Cliff

How can we begin to tackle the truly monumental fiscal challenges ahead? First, prevent the steep defense cuts and huge tax hikes hanging over the country. Read More.

How the Fiscal Cliff Will Impact You

Taxmageddon… a one-year $494 billion explosion of tax increases slated to hit the U.S. economy soon. The average American family will pay $4,138 in new taxes. Our leaders must stop Taxmageddon before it hits. Get the Facts.

Fix Defense Sequestration—Without Tax Increases

Our security depends on defense readiness – and the imminent Fiscal Cliff defense cuts show that Congress and the President are shunning their responsibility to protect America. Read More.

What Is the Fiscal Cliff

Here are specific recommendations for how to avoid the four main parts of the fiscal cliff. Read More.

The Fiscal Cliff consists of tax increases, steep defense cuts, the "Doc Fix," and extended unemployment benefits. If Congress and the President do not act, a massive slate of tax hikes and spending cuts will take effect in January 2013 affecting all American taxpayers.


Experts on Fiscal Cliff

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    Deputy Director, Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies and Grover M. Hermann Research Fellow