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"Overcriminalization" describes the trends in America - and particulary in Congress - to use the criminal law to "solve" every problem, punish every mistake (instead of making proper use of civil penalties), and coerce Americans into conforming their behavior to satisfy social engineering objectives.

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This Legislation database provides analysis on all bills in Congress that add or
modify federal criminal offenses or penalties.

Legislation Bill Sponsor State
HR 3600: A bill to prohibit the sale and counterfeiting of presidential inaugural tickets. Cleaver MO
S 60: A bill to prohibit the sale and counterfeiting of Presidential inaugural tickets. Feinstein CA
S 3685: A bill to prohibit the selling and counterfeiting of tickets for a Presidential inaugural ceremony. Feinstein CA
HR 5124: A bill to prohibit the use, production, sale, importation, or exportation of any pesticide containing atrazine. Ellison MN
HR 4589: A bill to provide consistent enforcement authority to the Bureau of Land Management, the National Park Service, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and the Forest Service to respond to violations of regulations regarding the management, use, and protection of public lands under the jurisdiction of these agencies, and for other purposes Salazar CO
HR 6000: A bill to provide for criminal liability for the denial of health care coverage of a treatment or an individual, and for other purposes. Grayson FL
S 523: A bill to provide for enhanced criminal penalties for individuals who file a SEVP certification petition under false pretenses. Schumer NY
S 3632: A bill to provide for enhanced penalties to combat Medicare and Medicaid Fraud, a Medicare data-mining system and a beneficiary verification pilot program, and for other purposes. Gillibrand NY
HR 4813: A bill to provide for insurance reform (including health insurance reform), amend Title XVIII of the Social Security Act, to reform Medicare Advantage and reduce disparities in the Medicare program, regulate the importation of prescription drugs, and for other purposes. Berry AR
S 370: A bill to require contractors to notify small business concerns that have been included in offers relating to contracts let by Federal agencies, and for other purposes. Casey PA
HR 5086: A bill to require the Attorney General to issue guidelines delineating when to enter into deferred prosecution agreements, to require judicial sanction of deferred prosecution agreements, and to provide for federal monitors to oversee deferred prosecution agreements. pallone NJ
HR 2595: A bill to restrict certain exports of electronic waste. Green TX
HR 874: Abuse of Public Office Penalties cardoza CA
S 158: Accessibility to Affordable Health Care collins MA
HR 5410: Accountability in Corporate Political Activity Act of 2010 Lipinski IL
HR 6492: Accountability in Deferred Prosecution Act of 2008 Pascrell NJ
HR 1947: Accountability in Deferred Prosecution Act of 2009 Pascrell NJ
HR 3823: Adjusted Residency for Military Service Act (ARMS Act) Rivera FL
HR 1381: Administration of Elections for Federal Office jones NC
S 3297: Advancing America's Priorities Act Reid NV
HR 3962: Affordable Health Care for America Act Dingell MI
S 3240: Agriculture Reform, Food, and Jobs Act of 2012 MI
HR 2027: Aircraft Passenger Whole-Body Imaging Limitations Act of 2009 Chaffetz UT
HR 6392: Alerting Lives through Effective and Reliable Technological Systems (ALERTS) Act of 2008 Cuellar TX
HR 1029: Alien Smuggling and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2009 Hill IN