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Protect America

Protecting America and Americans from freedom’s enemies.

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Statement of Purpose

The nation must recommit itself to living the principles that made this nation safe, free, and prosperous. A complacent America, either at home or abroad, is the greatest threat to a peaceful and productive future for the United States and its friends and allies. America must have the means to remain engaged in the world - to act proactively to protect the nation and its citizens from freedom’s enemies. America is a global power with global interests. The armed forces must have the capacity to act anywhere in the world where its vital interests are threatened. To have a military that can do anything less serves to embolden freedom’s enemies. Likewise, safeguarding the homeland sends a powerful message. The fact that Americans can defend themselves against attack and at the same time grow their economy and maintain a free, open society is disheartening to the enemies of freedom.


  1. 1.To protect America from missile attack by deploying a comprehensive missile defense system—one that protects Americans and our western allies from nuclear annihilation.

  2. 2.To ensure that America has the best military in the world, with the training and equipment necessary to keep America safe, free and prosperous. The armed forces of the United States must have the means to conduct current operations, maintain trained and ready troops, and prepare for the national security challenges of the 21st century.

  3. 3.To keep America strong by protecting the homeland and securing our borders. America will become as free and open as it was on September 10, 2001, but with secure borders and the confidence that no transnational terrorists can consider America an easy target.

  • Counterterrorism: Our Recommendations Counterterrorism: Our Recommendations

    While investigations into the act of terror in Boston and ricin-laced letters intercepted in Washington, D.C. are ongoing, there are several policies that the U.S. can and should pursue to secure the homeland from a wide spectrum of threats.

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  •  Impact of Obama's Budget Proposal on Defense Impact of Obama's Budget Proposal on Defense

    President Obama’s overall budget request for fiscal year 2014 and beyond is all but certain to lead to defense spending levels that are too low to permit the military to protect U.S. vital national interests. 

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