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Dec 01

The Value of Strong Alliances: Looking at U.S. Alliances with the United Kingdom and Japan

The United Kingdom and Japan are anchor allies of the United States. We face the same important strategic questions. How are the traditional alliances between the U.S., U.K. and Japan evolving to respond to these questions?  Where are the challenges and where are the opportunities to work together? What are the trans-Atlantic linkages on trans-Pacific security issues?  Join us as the distinguished Ambassadors from Japan and the United Kingdom engage in a conversation focused on these and other alliance issues.

More About the Speakers

A Discussion with
His Excellency Kenichiro Sasae
Ambassador of Japan to the United States

His Excellency Sir Kim Darroch
Ambassador of the United Kingdom to the United States

Moderated by
Walter Lohman
Director, Asian Studies Center, The Heritage Foundation

Hosted By

Jim DeMint Jim DeMint

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