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Nov 01

North Korean Human Rights and the Problem of Human Trafficking in China

One of the tragic consequences of the dire human rights situation in North Korea has been defectors risking imprisonment or death to escape to China to seek a better life. An estimated 80 percent of the escapees are women, and a majority become victims of human/sex-trafficking in China. Many North Korean women who escape the horrors of North Korea are forced or sold into marriages with ethnic Chinese men. When the women later seek to leave China for freedom in South Korea, they oftentimes are unable to bring their children with them since they were fathered by the Chinese “husbands.”

Come hear the heartbreaking stories of these women – mothers – longing to be reunited with their children in China, and how the international community can encourage China to allow visitation or custody rights to the North Korean defector mothers.

More About the Speakers

KIM Jeong Ah
Founder and Executive Director, Tongil Mom

LEE Young Hee
Member, Tongil Mom, and Researcher, North Korea Development Institute

HWANG Hyun Jeong
Member, Tongil Mom, and Human Rights Activist

Co-Hosted by
Bruce Klingner
Senior Research Fellow, Asian Studies Center, The Heritage Foundation

Olivia Enos
Research Associate, Asian Studies Center, The Heritage Foundation