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Nov 07

Enhancing U.S.-Georgia Security Cooperation: The Way Forward

Located in the South Caucasus, Georgia sits at a crucial geographical and cultural crossroads and has proven to be strategically important for military and economic reasons for centuries. Today, Georgia’s strategic location is also important to the United States. In 2008 Georgia was promised eventual membership at the NATO summit in Bucharest. Since then few countries in the Euro-Atlantic region express as much enthusiasm for NATO as Georgia – even though it is not yet inside NATO. After the Russian invasion in 2008 and the subsequent Russian occupation of 20 percent of Georgia’s territory, Georgia has transformed its military and has contributed thousands of troops to overseas military operations – all in the hopes of speeding up its application to join NATO. What is Georgia’s prospect of joining the Alliance? How will the new Georgian government and the next U.S. president handle the issue of NATO membership? Join us as we address these issues and more.

More About the Speakers

Brigadier General (Ret.) Peter Zwack
Senior Russia-Eurasia Fellow, Institute of National Security Studies, National Defense University

Richard Weitz, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Political-Military Analysis, Hudson Institute

Stephen Blank, PhD.
Senior Fellow for Russia, American Foreign Policy Council

Luke Coffey
Director, Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies, The Heritage Foundation

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