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Nov 01

The Anglo-American Tradition of Liberty: A View from Europe

Having surveyed a group of key Anglo-American and European political thinkers, João Carlos Espada argues there is a distinctive, Anglo-American tradition of liberty that is one of the core pillars of the Free World. Offering a broad overview of the tradition through summaries of the careers and ideas of fourteen of its key thinkers -- neglected despite having been tremendously influential in the tradition of liberty – Dr. Espada addresses current ideas about the meaning of “liberal” and “conservative” and examines the distinctions between the Anglo-American tradition and Continental ways of thinking to provide an engaging, intellectual understanding of liberal democracy.

João Carlos Espada is the Director and Founder of the Institute of Political Studies at the Catholic University of Portugal, where he is Professor of Political Studies. He also serves as President of the Churchill Society of Portugal. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Oxford and has taught at Brown, Stanford and Georgetown Universities in the United States as well as the College of Europe in Warsaw, Poland. He was Political Advisor to President Mário Soares (1986–1990) and President Cavaco Silva (2006–2011).

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João Carlos Espada, Ph.D.
Director and Founder, Institute of Political Studies, The Catholic University of Portugal, and author of The Anglo-American Tradition of Liberty: A View from Europe

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