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Oct 13

The All-Out Assault on the First Amendment: Restricting Speech, Religion, and Association

From the IRS targeting of certain advocacy organizations, to proposals to overturn free speech cases and give Congress power to restrict political speech, to restrictions on individuals exercising their religious beliefs, to attempts to force membership associations to reveal their donors, there appears to be an all-out assault on the First Amendment rights of Americans. Is this a growing trend? Are we at risk of losing some of our liberties? Must those rights be limited to accommodate politically correct societal “values”? Join us for a vigorous and spirited discussion by some of the foremost experts in America on the First Amendment.

More About the Speakers

Christina Hoff Sommers
Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute

Robert Alt
President, Buckeye Institute

John C. Eastman
Henry Salvatori Professor of Law & Community Service, Chapman University Fowler School of Law, and Senior Fellow, The Claremont Institute

Cleta Mitchell
Partner, Foley & Lardner LLP

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Hans A. von Spakovsky Hans A. von Spakovsky

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