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Sep 01

Unelected Representatives: How the National Labor Relations Act Fails to Reflect Employee Choice

This November Americans will participate in the selection of their political representatives. In theory unionized employees also have the right to select their workplace representatives. The National Labor Relations Act protects workers’ right to collectively bargain through “representatives of their own choosing.” However new Heritage Foundation research shows that very few private sector workers chose the union that represents them. Just 6 percent of unionized private sector workers voted for their union. The remaining 94 percent receive representation from an organization that someone else selected. Existing procedures have proven insufficient to actually reflect employee choice.

Join us for a panel discussion of this problem. James Sherk will explain his research and why so many workers receive representation they did not vote for. UAW-Ford employee Terry Bowman will explain how this lack of democratic accountability affects workers. Former National Labor Relations Board Member Brian Hayes will discuss potential ways Congress and the Board could fix this problem.

More About the Speakers

Brian Hayes
Former Member, National Labor Relations Board

Terry Bowman
UAW-Ford Employee

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James Sherk James Sherk

Research Fellow, Labor Economics Read More