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Sep 15

What Happens When a Country Eliminates Its Agricultural Subsidies? - The New Zealand Case Study

The question of whether U.S. agricultural producers need subsidies to manage risk is a critical one.  There very well may be important lessons to be learned from New Zealand.  In the 1980s, New Zealand eliminated a complex web of agricultural subsidies, yet New Zealand farmers are now some of the world’s most productive and innovative. Mike Petersen, an award-winning sheep and beef farmer and New Zealand’s Special Agriculture and Trade Envoy, will provide historical insights on New Zealand’s agriculture reforms based on his own farming and industry experiences. Mr Petersen will address the initial experiences of farmers, how they adapted over time through to today, and how international trade is an important part of New Zealand’s agriculture reform story.

More About the Speakers

The Honorable Mike Petersen
New Zealand Special Agricultural Trade Envoy

Moderated by
Genevieve Wood
Senior Fellow in Communications and Senior Contributor, The Daily Signal, The Heritage Foundation

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Rachel Bovard Rachel Bovard

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