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Sep 22

Tears Speak: Advocating for a Woman’s Right to Self-Defense

Amanda Collins

Amanda Collins is the founding director of T.E.A.R.S Speak, where she advocates for victim’s rights, women’s rights to self-defense and encourages survivors. Amanda became a second amendment activist after surviving a brutal attack as a college student only feet away from the campus police office. She has worked tirelessly to ensure women across the United States are given the ability to choose how to protect themselves, particularly on college campuses. This activism has lead Amanda to also advocate for victim’s rights and to give hope for living a full life after surviving trauma. Amanda has appeared on NRA’s Cam and Friends, Glenn Beck, Fox and Friends, has been featured in Katie Palvich’s Safe Haven, Tamra Hall’s Guns on Campus and many others sharing her story and experience to raise education and hopefully enact legislative change. While her legislative efforts are what she has become known for, her most impressive accomplishment is her family. Amanda is a loving wife and a mother of three beautiful young daughters, Annabelle, Penelope and Evangeline.

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