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Jul 07

Obama’s Edict on School Showers, Lockers and Bathrooms: Challenges and Legal Responses

In May, the Obama Administration released a “significant guidance” letter requiring all schools receiving federal funds to treat students according to their stated “gender identity” and regardless of their biological sex. The guidance states that reasonable accommodations set aside for students dealing with gender identity issues constitute unlawful sex discrimination and schools must instead allow boys who identify as girls unfettered access to girls’ showers, lockers, and bathrooms and vice versa. In response, Texas, along with ten other states, sued the Department of Education and the Department of Justice for threatening to cut off billions of dollars in federal aid to states that do not comply with the guidance.

What are the implications for the safety and privacy concerns of all students at America’s schools and universities? Will parents, teachers, and school districts be able to come to individualized solutions or will the administration force one policy for all? Will the Obama Administration really cut off billions in funding for needy schools if states resist the directive? What happens to dorms, pronoun use, sex-ed, and competitive sports? What is the legal and practical road ahead following this directive?

Join Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Kyle Duncan, and Heritage’s Roger Severino for a discussion of these questions and many more.

More About the Speakers

The Honorable Ken Paxton
Attorney General, State of Texas

Kyle Duncan
Schaerr Duncan LLP and Attorney Representing the North Carolina Legislature

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Roger Severino Roger Severino

Director, DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society Read More