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Jul 19

California’s Rush to Restrict Religious Freedom in Higher Education

A bill rapidly making its way through the California Legislature would endanger religious freedom for higher education institutions. Senate Bill 1146 would jeopardize the freedom of religious institutions of higher education to participate in state student aid programs if they make distinctions on the basis of religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity in admissions, student conduct codes, housing, and employment. The bill would significantly narrow religious schools’ exemptions in the wake of the Obama Administration’s expansion of Title IX non-discrimination policy to include gender identity.

On party line votes, the bill overwhelmingly passed the state Senate, and the Assembly will likely hear it by the end August. Join us for a discussion of what this legislation portends for religious schools in California – and across the nation.

More About the Speakers

John Jackson
President, William Jessup University

Greg Baylor
Senior Counsel, Alliance Defending Freedom

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Jennifer A. Marshall Jennifer A. Marshall

Vice President for the Institute for Family, Community, and Opportunity, and the Joseph C. and Elizabeth A. Anderlik Fellow Read More