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Jul 28

Assessing Regulatory Practices: 2016 Global Indicators of Regulatory Governance

As a critical pillar of economic freedom, measured annually in The Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom, regulatory efficiency has proven to be vital in maintaining economic dynamism, as well as encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation around the world.

The Global Indicators of Regulatory Governance, the World Bank’s latest database, measure the transparency of rulemaking processes in 185 countries. By charting the publication of proposed regulations, consultation around their content, and the use of regulatory impact assessments, the new regulatory database offers a tool for exploring how governments interact with the public when shaping regulations that affect their business community.

Join us for a discussion on the examination of transparency and accountability in governments’ regulatory actions around the world.

More About the Speakers

Melissa Johns
Advisor, Development Economics, The World Bank

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Ambassador Terry Miller Ambassador Terry Miller

Director, Center for Data Analysis and the Center for Trade and Economics and Mark A. Kolokotrones Fellow in Economic Freedom Read More