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Jun 16

The Role of Religion in Addressing Conflict in the Middle East

Co-hosted by Providence: A Journal of Christianity & American Foreign Policy 

Middle Eastern conflicts pose significant threats to vital U.S. national security interests. The rise of ISIS, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, and other Islamist extremist movements is impossible to understand without reference to Islam. Conflict in the Middle East cannot be properly analyzed apart from understanding religion, both our own as well as others. Faith personally influences combatants, intelligence analysts, policymakers, and civil society alike. And religion can also shape and animate conflict itself. This panel will explore the practical and theoretical role of religion in conflict generally and more specifically evaluate the utility of religious analysis in informing policies to address conflict in the Middle East.

More About the Speakers

Featuring Opening Remarks by
Mark Tooley
Editor, Providence, and President, Institute on Religion & Democracy

Followed by a Panel Discussion with
Marc LiVecche
Managing Editor, Providence 

Katharine Gorka
President and Co-Founder, Council on Global Security

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Olivia Enos Olivia Enos

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