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Jun 21

Not Tragically Colored: Freedom, Personhood, and the Renewal of Black America

A book event

Despite a seemingly endless series of programs, discussions, and analyses – and the election of the first African-American president – the problem of race continues to bedevil American society. Could it be that our programs and discussions have failed to get at the root of the problem? Ismael Hernandez strikes at this root, even when that means plunging his axe deep into the hard soil of political correctness. A native of Puerto Rico, a former Communist, and a Catholic social worker, Hernandez brings an entirely unique perspective to questions of poverty, government welfare, liberation theology, and black culture. Drawing deeply on both his own experience and a wide array of intellectual sources, Hernandez presents his analysis with honesty and insight. We must stop merely transacting with the poor. We need to uphold their dignity. In Not Tragically Colored, he argues that in doing so a future free from the “reign of race-consciousness” is possible.

Ismael Hernandez is the Founder and Executive Director of the Freedom & Virtue Institute (FVI) in Ft. Myers, Florida. FVI believes in fostering attitudes and leading initiatives that build off the principle of creating self-reliance among underprivileged children and individuals enduring hardship that wish to better their situations and live a dignified, self-sustainable life. Presently, the Freedom & Virtue Institute conducts two unique efforts: The Self-Reliance Clubs and the Effective Compassion Training programs.

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