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Jun 01

Dangerous Doctrine: How Obama’s Grand Strategy Weakened America

Over the past seven years, President Obama has repudiated the venerable foreign policy tradition embraced by virtually every American President since World War II. That tradition was characterized by robust internationalism grounded in American exceptionalism, muscular deterrence of America’s foes, and staunch defense of America’s democratic friends. President Obama, however, has ambitiously sought to transform America’s relationship with the world by diminishing American power and making multilateralism the default position of U.S. national security policy. In doing this, the President has both succeeded and failed: he has indeed minimized our role in the world, and with it brought on a new era of instability and violence in the most important geopolitical regions. Are the outcomes of the past seven years reversible? How should the next presidential administration proceed in lessening these dangerous outcomes?

Robert G. Kaufman is the Katherine and Robert Dockson Professor of Public Policy at Pepperdine University specializing in American Foreign Policy, National Security, International Relations and American Politics. He is the author of four books, numerous scholarly articles and commentary for the popular press. His next book project is a biography of Senator Joseph Lieberman.

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