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Jun 09

ASIA 2016: The View from Capitol Hill

What are the big foreign policy and defense issues on the Hill this year as they relate to Asia? Every year The Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center brings together key Congressional staff members to help answer this question and the many others that derive from it. There’s a lot to talk about – the future of the “Pivot;” cooperation with allies like South Korea and Japan; the increasingly contentious South China Sea; new Presidents in Taiwan and The Philippines; and the continued development of the U.S.-India relationship

Join us for a discussion of these areas and others at stake in America’s relationship with Asia.

More About the Speakers

Anish Goel
Professional Staff Member, Committee on Armed Services, United States Senate

Hunter Strupp
Asia Policy Analyst, Committee on Foreign Affairs United States House of Representatives

Eric Sayers
Professional Staff Member, Senate Armed Services Committee

Hosted By

Walter Lohman Walter Lohman

Director, Asian Studies Center Read More