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May 20

Conservative Women's Network: Public Opinion and Demographic Change in Tumultuous Times

Karlyn Bowman

Karlyn Bowman is a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. She joined the Institute in 1979 and was managing editor of Public Opinion magazine until 1990. From 1990 to 1995 she was the editor of The American Enterprise.

Bowman studies and writes widely on many public opinion topics. In 2002, she inaugurated a series of AEI Public Opinion Studies that are available on AEI’s website. They include “Polls on Patriotism,” “Attitudes Toward Homosexuality and Gay Marriage,” “Public Opinion on Taxes,” “Attitudes Toward Social Security Reform,” “Attitudes About Economic Anxiety,” and “Attitudes Toward the Environment and Global Warming.” In 2014, she coauthored an e-book on attitudes about the 2008 financial crash and Wall Street. In 2015, she published another e-book on views of the American Dream. Bowman also compiles and edits AEI’s monthly polling newsletter, Political Report. In 2015 and 2016, she collaborated with Bill Frey at the Brookings Institution and Ruy Teixeira at the Center for American Progress on a project on America’s changing demography nationally and in the states. She is a regular participant in AEI’s Election Watch event series, the longest-running election analysis program in Washington, DC, and she writes a column for Forbes.com.

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