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Apr 26

The Venezuelan Catastrophe: How Socialism Brought Down One of Latin America’s Wealthiest Countries and How It Can Recover

The policies that brought about the collapse of the Venezuelan economy have been largely discredited, yet their continued popular appeal has puzzled experts for almost two decades. Instead of capitalizing on a decade of high oil prices, the country with the biggest oil reserves in the world pilfered its fortune and mortgaged away its future. In the sequel to an earlier study, Transformation 2: Five countries ... and the Enigma Continues, Oscar Echavarria and Maria Ines Fernandez highlight with clarity those aspects and policies with the greatest economic impact within the last 15 years, documenting and analyzing the facts that led to the critical state of the Venezuelan economy in 2013.

Join us for a discussion of these and other findings, their implications in the wider region, and the reforms necessary to repair the damage caused by such policies.

More About the Speakers

Maria Ines Fernandez
Economist and Co-Author of Transformation 2: Five Countries ... and the Enigma Continues, and Member, Theorema Consulting Group

Russ Dallen
Publisher, Latin American Herald Tribune, and Managing Partner, Latinvest

Erick D. Langer
Professor, Edmund J. Walsh School of Foreign Service, and Director, M.A. Program, Center for Latin American Studies, Georgetown University

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