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Feb 25

Defeating Islamism in Britain: Assessing David Cameron’s Approach

Since becoming Prime Minister of Great Britain in 2010, David Cameron has been forced to confront the existence of a growing Islamist threat. The danger comes not just from Islamic State and al-Qaeda, but also their domestic sympathizers, who have attempted a series of attacks. Furthermore, approximately 800 hundred British residents and citizens have left the country to fight in Syria.

What is the scale of the threat currently facing Britain and how successful has Cameron’s approach been to tackling this? How successful has the Preventing Violent Extremism government program been? What about the dangers posed by purportedly non-violent Islamist groups whose beliefs are antithetical to British traditions of tolerance, equality and liberty? Join us for a panel discussion of this vitally important topic.

More About the Speakers

Michael Gonzalez
Senior Fellow, Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for International Studies, The Heritage Foundation

Mary Habeck
Visiting Scholar, American Enterprise Institute, and Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Research Institute

Robin Simcox
Margaret Thatcher Fellow, Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, The Heritage Foundation

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Theodore R. Bromund, Ph.D. Theodore R. Bromund, Ph.D.

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