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Feb 10

Can the Iran Deal Stand?

In recent weeks, we have seen Iran seize 10 American sailors in the Persian Gulf, regain access to around $100 billion in unfrozen assets, and ramp up support for unpopular proxies throughout the region. This begs the question, how will an emboldened Iran, free of sanctions, act? What’s next for the Iran deal? Will it last or will it crumble? Join us as a panel of experts examines the viability of the Iran Deal and its various economic, political, and national security implications.

More About the Speakers

Featuring Keynote Remarks by
The Honorable Ron DeSantis (R-FL)
Member, U.S. House of Representatives

Followed by a Discussion with
Fred Fleitz
Senior Vice President, Center for Security Policy

Patrick Clawson
Director of Research, Washington Institute for Near East Policy

James Phillips
Senior Research Fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs, The Heritage Foundation

Peter Brookes
Senior Fellow, National Security Affairs, The Heritage Foundation (Moderator)

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Jim DeMint Jim DeMint

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