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Feb 01

2016 Index of Economic Freedom: Promoting Economic Opportunity and Empowerment

The Honorable Kevin Brady (R-TX)
Chairman, House Ways and Means Committee

The 2016 Index of Economic Freedom (heritage.org/index) tracks the progress of economic freedom around the globe and documents the powerful positive impact of advancing economic liberty. The new edition of the Index. the 22nd produced since 1995, includes evaluations of economic conditions and government policies in 186 countries.

Like its predecessors, the new Index of Economic Freedom provides ample evidence of dynamic gains from greater economic freedom, both for individuals and for societies. There is no single formula for overcoming challenges to economic development and maintaining prosperity, but one thing is clear: Around the world, governments that respect and promote economic freedom provide greater opportunities for innovation and progress.

The 2016 Index highlights the precipitous decline of America’s economic freedom since 2008. Ratings for labor freedom, business freedom, and fiscal freedom have flagged notably over the past year, and the regulatory burden is becoming increasingly costly. Consequently, the United States remains mired in the ranks of the “mostly free,” the second tier economic freedom status.

Join us for the official release of the 2016 Index of Economic Freedom to see the strongly positive linkage between economic freedom and opportunity.

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