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Jan 19

Federal Mismanagement of Western Lands: Bringing Solutions to Washington

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Many Americans are unaware that the federal estate constitutes a majority of the land area in Western states. Over 90 percent of all federally controlled land is located in the West, with roughly one out of every two acres managed by federal bureaucrats. We are told that this is to preserve the environment, benefit local economies, and protect public recreation. Instead, the result has been polluted air, decimated wildlife and water supplies, depressed economies, unsafe communities, and blocked recreational opportunities. Utah’s Legislature commissioned a landmark legal study on the transfer of public lands to the state that concludes there is no constitutional authority for the federal government to permanently retain these lands. A recent study by the Property & Environment Research Center discloses that the federal government loses $0.27 per dollar spent managing public lands while states gain a positive $14.51 per dollar spent managing public lands. This discussion will focus on a real solution big enough for an environmental, economic and constitutional renaissance in America – #FreeTheLands.

More About the Speakers

Ronald D. Rotunda, J.D. (Video Presentation)
Doy & Dee Henley Chair & Distinguished Professor of Jurisprudence, Chapman University School of Law

Robert H. Nelson, Ph.D.
Professor of Environmental Policy, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland

George R. Wentz, Jr.
Partner, The Davillier Law Group

Matthew Anderson
Policy Analyst, Coalition for Self-Government in the West

The Honorable Gregory H. Hughes
Speaker, Utah House of Representatives
Introduced by Ken Ivory, Free the Lands Project, Federalism in Action

Stan Rasmussen
Director of Public Affairs, Sutherland Institute (Moderator)

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