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Jan 27

The Florida Turnaround: A Discussion of Florida’s Economic Recovery and How the Sunshine State Created 1 Million Jobs in 5 Years

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When Governor Rick Scott was sworn into office in 2011, Florida’s economy was severely damaged. The state had lost nearly 900,000 jobs, unemployment was at 11.2%, housing prices had plummeted 48%, and the heavily relied-on tourism industry had lost millions of tourists, resulting in a loss of tens of billions of dollars to the economy. Governor Scott’s plan was to get out of the way of business and support pro-growth, free market solutions. Instead of raising taxes and increasing regulations, Florida has cut taxes 50 times and cut nearly 3,200 regulations since Governor Scott took office. Instead of wasteful spending, Florida has invested in infrastructure that enables the free market to thrive. As a result, Florida has created 1 million jobs in 5 years, reduced unemployment to 5%, median home prices are up, and tourism is stronger than ever. Join us for a discussion on how Governor Scott helped lead this turnaround, and how this can be a model for other states to follow.

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The Honorable Rick Scott
Governor of Florida

Stephen Moore
Distinguished Visiting Fellow, The Heritage Foundation

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Jim Geraghty
Contributing Editor, National Review