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Nov 03

Defense Reform and Venture Capital – Partners or Adversaries?

~ A #DefenseReform Event ~

Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter has made multiple trips to the Silicon Valley in an effort to improve the Defense Department’s ability to access innovative technology. However, for small companies especially, the DOD is not always an attractive customer for new commercially developed technologies. Many of these companies forsake imposing DOD bureaucratic and contractual barriers and instead focus on leveraging their resources and in many cases, venture capital to penetrate commercial sales opportunities. These investment firms logically want to see a return on their investment and do not view DOD as a customer of first choice. If this is the case, can the DOD actually hope to build meaningful partnerships with venture-backed technology firms?

More About the Speakers

Keynote Remarks by
Raj Shah
Member, Defense Innovation Unit-Experimental,
and Senior Director of Strategy, Palo Alto Networks

Followed by a Discussion with
Geoff Orazem
Chief Executive Officer, Eastern Foundry

Stephen Rodriguez
Venture Partner, Abundance Partners

Yanev Suissa
Founder, Sinewave Ventures

Hosted By

Justin T. Johnson Justin T. Johnson

Senior Policy Analyst for Defense Budgeting Policy Read More